La Vie De Luc

Water is Natures gift! It is our commitment at La Vie to ensure you get the benefit of what nature provides.

The La Vie de Luc bottling facility and water source are both situated in the picturesque valley of Franschhoek best known as the “heart of the Winelands” in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Our perennial natural flowing sources are nestled high against the mountain slopes and gravity fed to our ISO2000 certified 3000sqm bottling plant.

At La Vie de Luc we believe that water is nature’s gift and realise the important part it plays in allowing the body to function properly. We strive to ensure that our customers have a holistic experience of what nature provided. Therefore we not only diligently control consistency, quality and efficiency of our product, but also of our packaging and service.

We are a committed and responsible producer of bottled mineral water. That is why we incorporate principles such as integrity, trust and an excellent work ethic into everything we do, every day.

• The customer is always at the heart of everything we do

• We pride ourselves in delivering quality and value

• We promote openness and honesty throughout all our business activities

• We encourage the development of our staff through nurturing and training

• We empower our staff to take responsibility and make a difference

• We respect each other and encourage diversity and creativity at work

  • The Historic Huguenot Farm

    nestles against a rugged mountain range in the beautiful Franschhoek Valley

Apart from a filtration process that removes organic matter we neither remove nor add anything to our water at La Vie, that ensures the original minerals and goodness reaches you in a bottle.
Your body is composed of over 60% water and dehydration affects the performance of all critical functions. Rehydrate with La Vie mineral water today.
At La Vie de Luc we focus on ensuring our water is treated as a precious resource from source to delivery, whilst sustaining local development.
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